Cary Palmon was born in Havana, Cuba. Years later, her family moved to the United States after the tragic murder of her father. Emotionally scarred and grief-stricken, Cary and her remaining family settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she met Jesus Christ in a supernatural encounter. That very day, Cary and all her family were saved and restored from the hurts of their past.

In 1982 she began her ministerial career as founder of “United Nations in Christ Church” and years later, she began working as an evangelist / missionary to Latin America. Her work has expanded to television, radio and books. She is the host of “Final Minute” for television and “Conflicts of the Heart” for radio. Both shows are broadcasted daily over all Latin America and the USA, reaching millions of Hispanic daily.

Her vision is to broadcast Final Minute in as many languages as possible, reaching untold millions for Christ. The first group of people targeted has been the Muslim world, where Final Minute is being transmitted over major television stations.

Cary Palmon conducts women’s conferences, holds seminars in local churches and participates in both local and international television and radio interviews. She brings hope to the wounded, the despised, the alcoholic, the helpless, the addict, and finally, to all who suffer with the message of forgiveness and hope through Jesus Christ.