For each conflict, God has an answer:


We have heard a lot about this controversial topic in different circles, but the fact is that when a child is conceived, that baby has an eternal and indestructible soul. God reveals in the Bible that He knows us even before being formed in the womb of our mother. (Jeremiah 1:5) Each child has the right to be born, to know that someone loves him or her, and that an undeniable future awaits.

Abortion is, therefore, a death sentence for an innocent child who has not asked to come to this world, but has the right of living like every one of us. In most cases, the mother is forced to commit an act that she does not want. Many times she is a young girl who thinks her dreams have been destroyed by the pregnancy, and in other cases the person is someone who is enduring economic scarcity, or who already might have several children and want no more. Whatever the situation, there is no excuse or justification to end a life.

Consider other alternatives:
There are adoption centers. There are families who long to receive a baby in their homes and love him or her as their own. If keeping the baby is not an option, you should consider giving it up for adoption.

But perhaps you are reading these words because at one point in your life, you had an abortion and your heart condemns you. You wish you could live free of this terrible pain. If you are the one that is going through this, I assure you that God will forgive you if you ask, and someday you will see your baby in heaven. Receive the forgiveness that only God can provide for this act, and you will know the peace that only He can provide you.


Abuse, as we know, is a very painful and traumatic experience. God does not condone abuse of any kind. He has instructed us that we should love all people.

Abuse destroys homes, marriages and children. In many cases if the abuse is physical, it might even destroy the life of the person receiving such treatment. When abuse reaches this point, you should not delay contacting the local authorities for help. If the abuse victim is a child, this child will carry wounds in his heart so deep that only the love of Jesus Christ can heal them.

The abused victims carry with them not only emotional wounds but also very painful memories which contribute to a destroyed self-esteem.

If you have been a victim of some type of abuse, let me say that there is a way to get your emotional healing. Surrender this terrible pain to Jesus Christ, because only He can heal you and free you from your past. Let Him help you to truly forgive the one who abused you.

Take the first step. You might think you cannot do it by yourself, but God can; and He will help you make that decision and take a step towards it.

When you do, you will see the pain disappear, and the peace of Christ will reign in your heart so that you can begin the process of restoration. I can assure you that with the passing of the years, you won’t even remember those events, for when God heals a heart, He does forever.


Have you ever noticed the alcohol ads on TV where all the actors are always smiling and well-dressed? They make a toast, and the bottle appears as really desirable?

However, the interesting thing is that advertising will never show you the real image of people after they have had a lot to drink. You will not see pictures of alcoholics who after years of slavery in alcohol, end up dying in a hospital diseases brought on by the alcohol. You will not see people that have died in automobile crashes after someone drunk has been driving irresponsibly. In these cases, they often pay the price with their own life and sometimes take the lives of others.

There is a great marketing campaign for alcoholic products that causes thousands of people to consume huge amounts of alcohol for what the ads call “fun”. Others are simply totally addicted to alcohol, which is able not only to poison and destroy their bodies, but also hurt their loved ones.

Many people think that those caught in the vice of alcohol have no way out, but the sad truth is that they will not find a way out of this slavery until they realize that they have a problem they cannot solve themselves.

However, Jesus Christ has the power to assist anyone to leave behind this terrible habit.

If you are in this situation, start with repenting of the destruction that your addiction has led you to, and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and set you free. God does not condemn you. God wants to forgive and rescue, to show his goodness and glory. He wants to provide freedom not only of this terrible habit but also in every aspect of your life. Secondly, find a professional support group that will help you through the transition time.


A divorce is a very painful thing for everyone involved: the spouses, children, parents, grandparents. It’s like a tree breaking in half. How can we reattach the trunk and branches?

Surely God does not like divorce. It is because it causes pain to His children, bringing severe and permanent emotional complications along with material hardship.Both spouseswill feel that their marriage covenant has been trampled by reason of divorce and will face feelings of guilt, failure, and often of treason, the effects of which will extend to the children, who will grow under the painful stigma of having their parents apart.

However, there is something that divorce cannot do, and this is to separate the person from the love God has for her or for him. If you have suffered because of a divorce, and you feel far from God because of this situation, let me tell you that you are living in a terrible lie, because God loves you in all circumstances, and He wants to help you restore your stability, your own welfare, your spouse, and your children.

Perhaps you say: “I was not the guilty party but the other person”. This fact does not give us the right to continue hating and having lack of forgiveness in our heart. We must forgive in the same way God forgives us. Trust God, surrender to Him all the bitterness of your divorce, and expect that God will restore your heart and your family.


A moment of pleasure, and then a lifetime of torment. What a horrible trade!.

Perhaps you find yourself trapped by drug addiction and with no way to escape. You cannot change the past, but it is never too late when God comes into your life and transforms it.

You have to start accepting that a life involved in drugs eventually will kill you, and the only way out is to give it up and stop being a slave to it.

Many feel that this battle is too hard for them and they feel alone to face the fight for freedom. God wants to help you and give you strength to give up this life of suffering. There is great power in prayer.

Start by recognizing that God is good and loves you, and He loves you so much that He sent Jesus Christ to die in your place, so that you might have eternal life and to set you free from all types of bondages. You are a child of God. He is not interested in your past; He only wishes to offer a future. Just open your heart, believe in Him and ask for His forgiveness and help. Realize that along with prayer you will need professional counseling to help you establish new life’s patterns that will ensure your success for years to come.

God is Mighty, and He loves your loved one even more than you can imagine. Trust in God. He answers prayers!.


What happens in a marriage when the husband or wife commit an act of infidelity against the other? Is it the end of her marriage?

Well, not necessarily if we let God be in control of us. Over the many years I have seen hundreds of marriages restored and yours may be one of them.

If your partner is truly sorry for his actions, then that person should be entitled to another chance. Has God not forgiven us of our sins and we are constantly sinning?

God always forgives us, and we must do the same and forgive the husband or wife who committed such an act. When you forgive, you must also forget. If you have trouble forgiving, pray and ask God to help you. He knows we are weak beings. The act of forgiveness is not an emotion, but a decision, like being willing to forget.

If you truly make the decision to forgive, God will help you, and in the not too distant future, the good feelings towards your husband or wife will return to your heart, because God will restore you and your marriage.


If you ever thought about ending your life, allow me to speak to you from my heart.

The first thing I want to say is that you are someone special–a person very much loved by God. You are not a disaster, nor a failure. God loves you, and he has placed a high value on you.

I ask you to consider how much God loves you and how much He wants to help.

Maybe you’re going through bad times in your life where nothing goes right, but that’s like a passing cloud, which is here today and after a while, it disappears.

If at this time your depression is severe, please do not hesitate to contact someone near you to receive professional help. The beginning of your recovery starts when you realize you have a problem you cannot solve by yourself, and you really need professional help. Reach out immediately to receive professional help.

In the area of your spiritual restoration, all your problems, your disappointments, your depression, can be solved in an instant, when you receive the love of Jesus Christ in your life.

Ask God to forgive you for these terrible thoughts. Surrender your life to Him with all your failures and disappointments. He wants to rebuild it, and He will do so if you ask Him and believe it.

If you are reading these lines, know that I have a prayer for you, and it is that you will receive gift of God’s presence in your life, which will change everything within your being.

You are loved by God!