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Conflictos del Corazón – In Spanish

imagen conflictos del corazon

This book contains a selection of the most touching letters received by Cary Palmon. Every story reveals intimate situations common to many in life and she has the Biblical answer for each case. Her compassion and love for people makes this an easy ready and a great counseling tool.

To obtain the book Conflictos del Corazón please write to cary@carypalmon.org

Seeds of Destiny

imagen seeds of destiny

With her new book, Cary Palmon inspires you and awakens your destiny in God. Learn how God meets the brokenhearted in the midst of their sorrows, restores lives, and ignites passion! If you have become weary, disillusioned or discouraged, this book will help you unlock the secrets to fulfilling God’s will for you. You will be captivated by stories of faith and revelation, which will empower you to be who you were created to be. This amazing story will challenge you to pursue God’s plan for your life.


From Failure to Success

imagen del_fracaso_al_triunfo

With just one step of faith, you can change your life. God’s plan for you is that you will succeed in everything that you are involved in. If failure or hurts form the past has you trapped, this book will help you re direct your steps towards Success!